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Bantry Bay is an exclusive high end suburb of Cape Town. It is situated on the slopes of Lion’s Head, overlooking the rocky coastline with magnificent views of the Atlantic Ocean, Robben Island and Signal Hill. Bantry Bay is known to be the most wind free suburb in Cape Town – this secluded and protected area enjoys about 290 wind free days per year.

Accommodation in Bantry Bay enables guests to enjoy close proximity to the city centre while being far enough away from the hustle and bustle. Although Bantry Bay does not have its own sandy beach, the famous white sands of Camps Bay and Clifton are just a moment away. Don’t forget to explore the Sea Point area where plenty of street cafe’s, restaurants and shops are only a stone throw away.

Bantry Bay offers luxurious villas fit for royalty. Each villa has ample space and many bedrooms to accommodate larger travelling groups. It offers the ideal location to sip on a cocktail, watch the sun set and enjoy all the beauty that Cape Town has to offer.

Bantry Bay is a spectacular location for those seeking a decadent summer break.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Bantry Bay

What are some of the top attractions in and around Bantry Bay?

Top attractions in Bantry Bay include-

  • Saunders’ Rocks Beach
  • Sea Point Promenade
  • Victoria Road

What are the summers like in Bantry Bay?

The summer months in Bantry Bay are between December to March, and the weather remains warm and pleasant. The average temperature here ranges between 17°C (62.6°F) to 29°C (84.2°F) during summers. 

Is Bantry Bay a friendly tourist destination?

Bantry Bay is a friendly, safe and easy-to-navigate destination ideal for tourists who want to stay close to Cape Town and enjoy a blend of urban and rural sides of the destination.

How far is the nearest airport from Bantry Bay?

The nearest airport to Bantry Bay is Cape Town International Airport, whose distance is 16.46 miles via road.

Are there villas available to rent in Bantry Bay?

For the ultimate royal holiday experience, tourists can choose to rent luxury villas which are spacious enough to accommodate large families.

What is Bantry Bay known for?

Bantry Bay is famous for being the most wind-free area in the whole of Cape Town. Despite Cape Town’s windy climate, this protected and secluded area gets around 290 wind-free days.

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