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South Africa is Travel Ready: 3 Reasons to Visit South Africa & COVID-19 Stats

South Africa is Travel Ready: 3 Reasons to Visit South Africa & COVID-19 Stats

Courtesy of SATSA | The Voice of Inbound Tourism

In a time that demands social distancing what better place could you be in than the wide-open spaces of the South African Mountains and Wilderness?

After months of restrictions, travellers can now be set free into an environment where every one of their senses will be tantalised, replenishing the soul with the best kind of therapy.

South Africa is the ideal location for post-Covid travels, with strict health and safety measures in place across the country. Months of lockdown have allowed us to prepare, and extreme measures have been taken to ensure our staff and guests remain safe while travelling with Cape Town Luxury Escapes.

We have gathered some factual information to help our customers and globe wanderers to understand the current situation in South Africa with regards to the COVID-19 pandemic. In this post, we will explore the following topics

Travel as we know it has changed and we need to focus on avoiding big crowds and gatherings and spending longer stays in fewer locations rather than moving around too much to avoid the extra travel.

It is so easy to do this when visiting luxury villas and lodges in South Africa with professional assistance and travel guidance from our team at Cape Town Luxury Escapes. So buckle up, and get excited to book your next trip to South Africa:

Reason 1: A dream destination

South Africa consistently ranks as a favourite destination for travellers seeking a soul-stirring escape featuring wide-open spaces, fair weather year-round, life-changing outdoors experiences and value for money.

Reason 2: Look at the science

In addition to the robust health and hygiene protocols that South Africa has in place, we have world-class healthcare facilities, widely available PCR testing and our vaccine programme is being rolled out with commitment.

Reason 3: Your visit supports livelihoods

Through Tourism, South Africa supports one in 10 jobs and an exponential number of livelihoods that are linked to that one job.

Our communities and conservation depend on inbound international tourism for their very survival and are grateful to you for your support.

By visiting South Africa, you are directly contributing to the preservation of our rich nature, wildlife, heritage and culture.

Pandemic Profile

South Africa is Travel Ready: 3 Reasons to Visit South Africa & COVID-19 Stats
  • South Africa experienced a relatively smaller 2nd, and now 3rd, wave compared to many countries
  • South Africa’s third wave has peaked
  • South Africa ± 90% Delta variant since mid-June
  • Delta is close to dominating everywhere
  • Vaccine efficacy against the Delta Variant is excellent
  • South Africa has lower average new cases than the UK, the USA and France
  • South Africa also has lower pandemic levels than Spain, Portugal, Turkey and Greece currently
  • In Germany, South Africa is no longer classified as a Virus Variant Area, so downgraded to high risk
  • For many other countries – double vaccinated South Africans can travel

South Africa's Vaccine Roll Out

  • Sufficient J&J and AstraZeneca vaccines procured by year-end to comfortably vaccinate all 18-year-olds and above Very efficient vaccination process across 600 sites countrywide
  • For the first 2 months of rollout, South Africa was 11th fastest in the rate of vaccination worldwide per 100,000 population Capacity to ramp up vaccinations, especially over weekends
  • From September, vaccination open for above 18-year-olds

What about the 'South African' variant?

  • The Beta variant was first discovered in South Africa in October
  • Real-world data from Canada has shown 82% and 87% effectiveness after one dose of AstraZeneca against hospitalisation or death caused by Beta variant
  • Novovax, J&J and Pfizer all have proven efficacy against Beta 90% of genomes sequenced from 28 June to 24 July (4 weeks – 743 total sequences) in South Africa were Delta

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a travel ban to South Africa?

South Africa’s international air borders are open with the only requirement being a negative PCR test (72hr validity), visa (if required) and arrival form

What are the health facilities in South Africa like?

Private healthcare in South Africa is world-class. Private healthcare facilities such as Mediclinic, Life Healthcare and Netcare have high doctor to patient ratios.

What happens if I get COVID while I'm in South Africa?

You will be required to isolate at your own expense for a period of 10 days. Please check that your accommodation establishment will allow you to quarantine there.

How easy is it to get a PCR test in South Africa?

PCR testing is widely available in SA through private laboratories, airports, and private providers. Cost is around R850 and takes 24-36hrs for results.

What COVID protocols exist in South Africa?

Regulations require the wearing of masks in public, temperature checks, hand sanitising and contact registration at certain establishments, as well as curfews.

What are the travel restrictions in South Africa?

There are no travel restrictions within South Africa, other than adherence to non-pharmaceutical protocols, including limited-sized gatherings and curfew.

What is life in South Africa like right now?

Day-to-day life in South Africa has adjusted to a new normal, where protocols are strictly adhered to, whether you’re visiting the grocery store or having a meal at a restaurant. South Africa has instituted strict health and hygiene protocols for hospitality establishments, which include social distancing, limited gathering size, curfew hand sanitising, obligatory mask-wearing, recording of patrons for track and tracing purposes, including temperature checks and contact detail recording. Residents and visitors may frequent conferences, go out for a meal with friends and family, travel across the country with ease to the extent where it feels very safe and normal for us to travel.

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